FUNDACIÓN TECNOLOGÍA SOCIAL, (FTS) is a non-profit organization classified as “educational, scientific and R & D in the technology sector, whose main goal is to become a strong link between researchers, manufacturers, users and institutions in the ICT field, to ensure that technology is a powerful, easy to use and helpful tool that helps people in their personal and professional development regardless of their physical and/or social conditions. FTS holds the large experience and knowledge of over 30 years of its founding patrons, working on social and ICT sectors. From the very start of FTS, it has taken several actions aimed to achieve its goals and objectives clearly stated in its Statutes.

The mission of the FTS is to consider technology as a tool for society, and to do our utmost to ensure that this tool is easy to use, open, simple and universal, in short, designed in such a way as to cover everyone’s needs and not excluding anyone.