Politechnika Lodzka (the Lodz University of Technology – TUL) is a national technical university which came into existence in 1945 as governmental, public body, initially with 3 Faculties of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Chemistry. Together with its development new faculties were established, up to the present number of 9 faculties, 70 institutes and departments and 113 specializations. In 1992 the International Faculty of Engineering was set up with English and French as its languages of instruction. TUL offers a possibility of obtaining the following degrees: Bachelor of Art, Bachelor of Science, Master of Science and Doctorate of Philosophy. There are 21 000 students (including 800 PhD students) and approximately 3 000 staff members at the University. In 2014 the IT Centre was established to support education in ICT area for every faculty.

Website: www.p.lodz.pl