EUROGEO is an authoritative scientific society, with a strong European dimension, which networks geographers and those from related subjects (environment, planning, surveying, cartography, geotechnology) from all walks of life. It is an international NGO with wide membership. The association has considerable experience in national and international projects in education and training. EUROGEO is a Belgian not-for-profit international organisation.
The activities of the association include organising major activities and events, running training and professional development, producing books and journal publications, supporting scientists in their jobs and careers, innovating in the teaching of geography, identifying and promoting good practise, co-operating with the EU, Council of Europe and other European organisations, co-operating with global organisations and agencies like the UN, World Bank and charitable foundations.
EUROGEO actively working with national and regional Ministries of Education to improve learning and teaching of geography and related subject areas. It has participatory status in the Council of Europe and is the professional, political voice of geographers in Europe. EUROGEO has been a stakeholder in Digital Agenda and a member of the Eye on Earth initiative on open data and open science in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.